What is CTF Loader ? And How to Disable it (ctfmon.exe) on Windows 11

It’s confusing enough to see an unfamiliar name appear on your computer without warning. In this Article we read about What is CTF Loader ? And How to Disable it (ctfmon.exe) on Windows 11 .One such software is the CTF Loader, which many people may also see at the ctfmon.exe prompt. It’s understandable if you suspect CTF Loader of being malicious given how frequently your Windows computer receives notifications from it and want to know how to turn it off.

With this essay, I’ve attempted to address all of your application-related difficulties. I’ve also described how you can delete the application entirely or remove the CTF notification.

What Is CTF Loader (ctfmon.exe)?

Microsoft Windows’ Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF) is a framework for entering data into applications using a variety of input methods, including speech, handwriting, and keyboard input.

The CTF loader, often known as ctfmon.exe, is how the CTF operates. CTF Loader not only facilitates data entry onto your Windows 11 PC but also turns on the Language Bar in Microsoft Office.

To change languages on your Windows computer, you must use the Language Bar feature. CTF is a background program that handles a variety of language input tasks that your computer needs to perform.

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Is CTF Loader a computer virus?

As far as the general public is aware, the ctfmon.exe program is not malware or a virus but rather a feature of Windows 11. where it aids the OS’s information input via several languages. If you’re still not sure, you can run a virus scan on the CTF loader using your antivirus program.

On Windows 11, how to disable CTF Loader

Note: I advise you not to meddle too much with these apps since CTF Loader is a Windows 11 operating system internal application. There is a good probability that when you disable the application, your computer won’t function properly. Any problems that arise on your PC as a result of its disablement are not my responsibility.

Removing from Services

Prior to considering any other options, you can attempt this approach. Directly from the settings, disable CTF:

Step 1:  To begin, click Start.

Step 2: Find the Services app and launch it.

open Services from start


Step 3: Double-click on the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service option you found.

click on touch keyboard

Step 4: Click Startup type and choose Disabled from the list.

Step 5: Click OK to confirm.

select disabled and click ok

The obnoxious CTF Loader prompter should no longer appear now that you have disabled it. Though if you

Remove the CTF executable file.

Since the ctfmon.exe error prompt appears once more, let’s get rid of the executable file that causes the application to operate. Keep in mind that since this file is a system file, deleting it may have consequences for your system. Therefore, go at your own risk once more.

Step 1: Open File Manager.
Step 2: Enter the address C:WindowsSystem32 after pasting it into the address bar.
Step 3: Locate and remove ctfmon.exe.

open ctfcom from file manager


Given that you erased the execution file, you might not experience the problem any longer. However, if the prompt persists, let’s try the next approach.

Using the Task Scheduler, disable the CTF Loader

Windows has a tool called Task Scheduler that allows us to manage background processes, including when and for how long they should run. Since this is an internal app, if you decide to fiddle with it, you might interfere with how your PC functions.

Step 1: Open Start and type “Task Scheduler” into the search bar.

open task scheduler from search

Step 2: Double-click the Task Scheduler Library.

Step 3: Open Microsoft >> Windows >> TextServicesFramework.

Step 4: In the following area, click MsctfMonitor and then click Disable.

task Scheduler disable file


I’m done now! Your Windows computer’s CTF loader is disabled. Check to see if the problem is still present. And it’s best to visit the service centre and get it checked if you’re still getting the CTF loading notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ctfmon exe be disabled?

Yes, you may disable Windows’ CTF exe file. But bear in mind that because it’s an inside app, the OS will be negatively impacted.

How can I disable CTF loader?

Open Task Scheduler, choose Microsoft >> Windows >> TextServicesFramework>>MsctfMonitor, and then click Disable to disable CTF Loader.


Now that you know, CTF Loader is an internal program, and removing it could interfere with Windows OS functionality. Instead of disabling an internal program and creating problems, I advise you to get in touch with the service center and seek a solution if you are experiencing issues.

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