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Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the worldwide. Even if it could have the largest user base, it might not always function as planned. After installing Windows 11 lately, several customers are now claiming that Google Chrome won’t function for them. When Chrome stops functioning, it either operates slowly or regularly crashes.

In this article we know How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working in Windows 11.

Users don’t complete tasks or make the most of their browsers. The browser may occasionally display an error message like “Google Chrome has ceased operating” before closing. A few potential solutions for Google Chrome’s issues are listed in the advice that follows.

How to Open Google Chrome on Windows 11

Corrupted user accounts, add-ons, and browser extensions can all cause Google Chrome to not launch on Windows 11. Unfortunately, not all mistakes are simple to correct. They need special techniques of troubleshooting. We have thus created a list of fixes to repair Google Chrome not functioning on Windows 11.

1.  Start your computer again.

Avoid making hasty decisions and keep things straightforward. So, before concluding that Google Chrome has stopped operating for a difficult cause and that you require an equally complicated method to solve it, try restarting your computer. Most of the time, Chrome’s inconsistent behaviour or lack of response is merely a basic OS or software fault. The computer may be restarted to resolve it.

1.  Click the Power button to bring up the Start Menu, then select the Restart option. After the machine has been restarted, try using Chrome.

Restart Computer


2. Exit all Chrome instances

Closing all Chrome processes is your best bet if Google Chrome keeps crashing on your Windows 11 computer and you can’t even open the browser for a second. You may complete the procedure easily using Windows Task Manager. The steps are listed below.

Launch Windows Task Manager first. Pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del or Ctrl + Shift + Esc will do this.

2. Select all Chrome processes in Task Manager.

3. Select the top-right End Task button. You may also right-click and choose the End task option from the drop-down menu.

End All Chrome Processes


These actions will cause all Google Chrome processes to end instantly. Check whether it’s still functioning by relaunching Chrome.

3. Upgrading Chrome

Its frequent crashes may also be caused by an older version of Chrome. The upgrades for the apps are made to address bugs and problems. They occasionally also include new features. Thus, performance issues with Google Chrome can frequently be resolved by just upgrading the browser. To avoid compatibility problems, make sure the most recent Chrome update is installed on your Windows 11 operating system.

1. Click the three dots icon in the upper right corner of Chrome if it only partially functions on Windows 11.

2. Select the About Google Chrome option under Help.

About Google Chrome


3. There will be a new settings page. To reload the page, either click the Refresh button or press F5. Chrome will begin to search for fresh updates.

To upgrade Google Chrome, click the Update button if a fresh version is available. To update Google Chrome, go to the lined page if it isn’t functioning at all.

4. Troubleshooter for Compatibility

On Windows 11, compatibility frequently results in difficulties while launching programmes. If you deal with several different programmes, it is a significant problem. A compatibility troubleshooter in Microsoft Windows 11 may find and correct compatibility problems.

To start, on the keyboard, press Win + I.

2. Click Troubleshoot in the Settings window.

Select Troubleshoot


3. The next step is to choose Other troubleshooters.

Other Troubleshooters

4. Select the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter and then click the Run button.

Program Compatibility Troubleshooter


5. In the troubleshooter’s programme list, choose Google Chrome.

6. If you can’t locate the software in the list, click Not Listed after that.

7. Click Next to continue troubleshooting Chrome.


5. Turn off antivirus

Applications on Windows 11 frequently clash with antivirus tools. The likelihood of a conflict increases if you use a third-party antivirus programme, however Windows Defender has also been noted to have this problem by users.

1. Click and hold the Windows Security System tray icon twice.

2. Select the option for virus and threat protection. It has a shield icon’s appearance.

Windows Security

3. Access the Manage settings page.

Manage Settings


4. Disable real-time protection.

Real Time Protection


Use this technique with Windows Defender. Right-click on the antivirus icon in the system tray if you use a third-party security programme. A contextual menu will appear. Selecting the Disable option will temporarily turn off the antivirus defence.

6. Open Chrome without extensions

The Chrome add-ons are excellent. They are easy to use and facilitate our work. However, there are also undesirable addons that interfere with the browser’s functionality. You might want to take them out. Try starting Chrome without the addons in the meantime. If Chrome functions well without the extensions, it is certain that one or more of them are the source of the issue. Find them and get rid of them.

1. Make a Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop. desktop, New > Shortcut from the context menu.

2. In the Create Shortcut window, click Browse.

3. Click OK after selecting Chrome’s location.

4. Use “- -disable-extensions” to modify Chrome’s location. For the next step, click.

C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –disable-extensions

Create New Chrome Shortcut


5. Give the shortcut a name, then click Finish to finish.

6. To run Google Chrome without extensions, double-click the shortcut now.

7. After Google Chrome starts up without the extensions, make sure the application is functioning properly. If so, you must remove the most recent extension or the one you believe to be the root of the issue.

7. Restart Google Chrome.

You may also reset Google Chrome if it stops functioning on Windows.

1. Access Chrome’s settings. To access it, click the three dots on the right of the screen.

2. Click Reset and Clean Up in the Setting box.

3. Next, choose Restore settings to their their values.

Reset and Clean Up


4. On the popup, click Reset settings.

Reset Settings


By doing this, Google Chrome will be reset to its default settings, which may resolve the issue.

8. Remove your Chrome profile

Google Chrome may no longer work correctly on Windows 11 due to a corrupted Chrome profile. Decide to remove the user profile.

1. To open the RUN dialogue box, press Win + R.

2. Enter the command shown below in the dialogue window.

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

Execute Run Command


3. Look for the Default Folder in the new window. As a backup, make a duplicate of this folder.

Remove the default folder, step 4.

Chrome should function properly if the user profile was the problem after being deleted.

9. Reboot the DNS

Information can be found in the DNS cache. recent website visitors and other internet domains’ information. Although keeping this data locally is very helpful, adding unwanted domain names or IP addresses might ruin it. To repair Google Chrome, you must remove the DNS cache that is currently in place. Below are the stages in detail.

1. On the keyboard, press Win + X.

2. From the menu, select Windows Terminal (Admin).

Windows Terminal


3. Enter the command shown below in the Terminal window.

ipconfig /flushdns                                                          

Flush DNS in Windows11

Hold off till the procedure is over. You’ll then get a notification that reads, “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.”

10. Reset Network Configuration

If you have tried flushing the DNS cache and still can’t solve the issue, try resetting Windows 11’s network settings. All of the computer’s network adapters will need to be reinstalled after doing this, and other network settings will revert to their default values.

1. To access Windows Settings, press Win + I.

2. Select the left-hand Network & Internet tab.

3. Choose Advanced network configurations.

Advanced Network Settings


4. Under More settings, select the Network reset option.

Network Reset

5. At the very end, press the Reset now button.

Click Reset Now

Your Windows 11 computer’s network settings will be reset once you complete these instructions, and adapters will be reinstalled. No issues should arise if you use Google Chrome once more.

11. Install Chrome again

If none of the workarounds work, you might have to reinstall Google Chrome. You can completely solve the problem and start again in this manner. You will also receive Chrome’s most recent version. Make sure all of your critical data is synchronised with your Google account before deleting Chrome.

1. To access Windows Settings, press Win + I.

2. On the window’s left side, click the Apps tab.

3. On the right, choose Installed applications, then scroll down.

Installed Apps


4. Find Google Chrome and click the three horizontal dots next to it.

5. Click Uninstall. Your PC will immediately be free of Google Chrome. Restart the machine after that.

Uninstall Google Chrome


6. Launch Microsoft Edge.

7. Go to the Download Page for Google Chrome.

8. Press the Chrome Download button.

Download Google Chrome

Your computer will download the setup file. Click it twice to start installing Chrome on your Windows 11 computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Try these typical remedies for Chrome crashes.
  • Close any open tabs, extensions, or programmes.
  • relaunch Chrome.
  • Switch off your computer.
  • Do a malware check.
  • the website in a different browser.
  • Resolve network difficulties and report website faults.
  • (Only for Windows machines) Fix problematic programmes.
  • Make sure Chrome isn’t already open.

Why is Google Chrome laggy on Windows 11?
It’s possible that you’ve been using Chrome for too long. The browser keeps a lot of website cookies and cache data, which might eventually slow down the browser. Start regularly deleting cached data.

Why is Google Chrome crashing on my computer?
There might be several causes for this problem. Although Google Chrome is often compatible with Windows OS, utilising an older version of Chrome may cause it to crash or exhibit other absurd issues. Cookies from websites and the browser cache may also cause problems. The web browser may become slow as a result of the damaged cache, and it may even eventually crash. The same is true for cookies on websites.

Is Microsoft Edge better than Google Chrome?
No facts exist to support such a precedent. With a selection of privacy and security options, both Chrome and Edge are adequate web browsers. The winner in terms of navigation, though, is Microsoft Edge. The users can operate it more easily. Google Chrome is safer to use since it receives updates more frequently.

On Windows 11, use the fantastic Chrome browser.
There is no assurance that you won’t experience the same or other Google Chrome problems in the future. It can become slow with the next Chrome update, or it might crash regularly after the next Windows upgrade. The answers we have offered are sufficient, though. They will address a number of possible problems with Chrome that would otherwise force most users to use another browser.


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