How to Fix Android Keyboard Not Showing

In this Article we will get the information about – How to fix android keyboard not Showing. On an Android phone, a keyboard is utilized practically constantly. We input data into the smartphone using the keypad for everything from texting a buddy to conducting a Google search. One of the most often used applications on your phone is the keyboard, so if it doesn’t open when you need it, it may disrupt your daily routine.

Let’s look at what to do in this article when the Android phone’s keyboard isn’t visible.

Fix the Android phone’s keyboard not appearing.

You should use the simple troubleshooting techniques listed below to resolve this problem. Try hard resetting your phone to see if it fixes the issue before trying any other solutions. Your phone will restart automatically after 30 seconds of power button pressing if you perform a hard reset.

1. Make sure your phone and keyboard app are up to date.

Make sure your phone’s operating system and keyboard app are up to date if the keyboard does not appear. Updates frequently provide enhancements and bug fixes that remedy keyboard problems.

2. Verify that the default keyboard is chosen.

When you wish to type, the keyboard may not appear since there is no choice chosen in the default keyboard settings. It may occur if you uninstall an outdated keyboard app or instal a new one. Here’s how to verify or choose a keyboard for your Android phone’s default typing method:

1. Launch the Settings app, then choose System by scrolling down.

System option in Settings


2. Choose Language and input.

Language and Input option

3. After that, select On-screen keyboard.

Option to choose on screen keyboard

4. To make the app your default typing technique, turn on the toggle next to its name.

3. Force the Keyboard App to close and reopen.

Try closing and reopening the programme if the default keyboard method has previously been chosen and the keyboard still isn’t visible. You must force-stop an app from the settings before relaunching it in order to restart it. Here’s how to end an app abruptly:

1. Locate the keyboard app in the app drawer, hold down the app’s icon, and tap on App details.

App info option

2. Open settings, choose Applications, touch on All apps, and then open the information for the keyboard app if you can’t see the program’s icon in the drawer.

3. Select the Force stop button under the App details menu.

Force stop button


After using the Force-stop button, the programme will no longer be operating in the background; you must now reopen it.

4. Delete the App’s Cache and Data

One of the most frequent troubleshooting techniques for resolving applications is clearing the cache and data. As it removes both the app data and the cache files, it is comparable to reinstalling because it makes the user set up the app from scratch once more. The cache and data for the keyboard app on your smartphone can be formatted using the instructions below.

1. Go to the App details page by following the instructions in approach #2.

2. Tap on Storage & cache under App details.

Storage and cache option in settings


3. Check to see if the programme is functioning after clearing the stored data using the Clear cache button.

Clear cache and format data option


5. Uninstall updates and downgrade to the most recent version

Reverting to the previous version of the keyboard app may help you if you’re having trouble after updating your phone. Reverting to the earlier version when the programme used to function will cure your issue because updates sometimes include bugs along with optimization and new features.

6. Verify whether the keyboard application is compatible.

The Android version of your phone may not work properly with third-party keyboard apps, especially if you sideloaded the program. As a result, we suggest that you only download program from the Google Play Store.

7. Delete any just-downloaded applications

If you have this issue after installing any new app, consider deleting it to see if it resolves the issue. In certain cases, a recently installed programme may interfere with your keyboard app and prevent it from popping-up.

8. Verify the accessibility options

Make sure that the options for Select to talk and TalkBack are turned off in your phone’s accessibility settings since they can occasionally interfere with how the keyboard works.

9. Remove the Fullscreen Gestures option

Users may utilise gestures rather than on-screen buttons to move via their phone’s UI thanks to the fullscreen navigation gestures functionality. It may interfere with the keyboard if this function is activated, making it challenging to efficiently type and converse on your smartphone.

Additionally, the full-screen navigation gestures functionality might not work with third-party keyboard apps. Here’s how to turn off your phone’s fullscreen gesture navigation:

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