How to Find WiFi Password Using CMD in Windows 10/11

You must have at some point lost the WiFi device or home router password. In this Article we read about How to Find WiFi Password Using CMD in Windows 10/11.This is never comfortable since you might not have access to the password right away or you might not even want to reset the password for some other reason. It is probably best to leave other users of the internet source logged in. Windows has made it simple to use CMD to retrieve WiFi passwords, though.

Find a WiFi password using CMD

Your computer retains all network information, including the password, each time you use a WiFi network. You can still get the WiFi network’s password whether you’re connected or not. You may therefore discover your password and modify other aspects of the network you’re utilizing by running a few commands in CMD. You can easily complete the workaround on your PC by following the instructions in this page.
In Windows 10, use CMD to find the WiFi password.

In Windows 10/11, use the following actions to find a WiFi password using CMD:

1. In the Windows Search Box, type Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.

open command prompt

2. To display the profiles being saved on your computer, execute this command on the page that appears.

netsh wlan show profile                                                   

find WiFi profiles

3. The programme will list every WiFi network to which your machine is currently connected. So make a note of the network whose password you want to find.

4. Now that you are aware of the WiFi network’s profile name, enter it.

netsh wlan show profile "WiFi-name" key=clear                          

WiFi Password

We enter netsh wlan display profile “Infinix Note 11i” to view this profile. key=clear

5. To view the WiFi password, go to Key content in the Security settings section of the result.

By entering this command into CMD, you can view the passwords for all WiFi networks you’ve ever connected to rather than just one.

for /f "skip=9 tokens=1,2 delims=:" %i in ('netsh wlan show profiles') do @echo %j | findstr -i -v echo | netsh wlan show profiles %j key=clear

Yes, it’s really that simple; just make sure you type the commands properly.

Another Method on Windows 10 to Find WiFi Passwords

Using the Control Panel is another option for getting access to WiFi passwords on Windows 10 PCs. Therefore, you can utilise the following strategy if you don’t feel comfortable using Command Prompt:

1. Open Control Panel by typing its name into the Windows Search Box.
2. Choose Network and Internet from the ensuing page.
3. Select Sharing Over Network and Internet.
4. Next, click View your active network and then select the WiFi network whose password you want to find.
5. Select Wireless Properties from the General menu.
6. To access the password, click the Security tab and choose the Show characters checkbox.

You must have your computer linked to the WiFi network whose password you want to find.

Set MAC Randomization to on. With Windows 10’s CMD

It is also possible to check the status of MAC randomization using the command prompt. If MAC randomization is disabled, you face the risk of being watched by intruders. To activate it, adhere to the directions below;

1. To access Settings and your PC, press Windows + I.
2. Select Internet and Network.
3. Next, choose WiFi and pick the Advanced menu item.
4. In the options, enable Random Hardware Address.

After completing them, your computer will randomly set your MAC address, making you less likely to be traced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without CMD, can I find a Wi-Fi password on a Windows computer?

There are two ways to find the WiFi password of a device that you have previously connected to your Windows computer. You can enter a few commands on CMD to access the WiFi password. Additionally, you can browse the Windows 10 control panel mentioned in the article’s earlier section.

Can I change the password for my router using Windows 10?

The fact that you have a Windows PC connected to your network does not automatically grant you the ability to modify the WiFi password. On the other hand, you may easily update your router’s password by going to its address on your computer.

Is it feasible to retrieve a disconnected WiFi’s password on Windows?

Any of the methods mentioned in the article can be used to discover the WiFi password of a disconnected network. Every aspect of the network your Windows PC has connected to periodically is saved so you can view it later.


This article mainly explains how to utilise CMD in Windows 10 to retrieve WiFi passwords and other WiFi-related information. It also covers additional applications for the command prompt and a different way to discover a WiFi password without using CMD. Just make sure you correctly complete each level in order to be able to reach your aims. You can read these articles for more details about your Windows machine.



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