Best Sticky Note Apps for Mac 2023

Sticky Notes are very usefull for writers. In this article we read about Best Sticky Note Apps for Mac 2023.How frequently have you needed to quickly take a note while participating in an online meeting, viewing a video, or attending an online lecture? You either lose your train of thought or forget what you planned to write down when you open the Notes app on your MacBook. It’s really convenient to have a floating note-taking software and to always have your notes visible on the desktop. With the help of several programs, including the built-in Stickies, macOS users can take sticky notes. Without further ado, let’s look at the top sticky note Mac programs whether it will be to your advantage.

To keep track of your to-do lists or to remind yourself of crucial activities, make sticky notes. Sticky notes are useful because, unless you decide to remove them, they will always be visible on your desktop.
There are numerous traditional note-taking apps for Mac, but there are only a few that support sticky notes.

Best sticky note apps for Mac

1. Stickies


With macOS, Stickies are already installed. It enables users to make screen-based post-it-like notes.
Short reminders and to-do lists can be written using Stickies and then put as sticky notes. There are several customization options available in the app. For instance, you may modify the text formatting and colour of the notes and choose to have them float over open windows. You can make notes transparent if you don’t want a background on them.

Stickies allows you to write text notes, but you can also embed other types of media, like photographs, videos, PDFs, and more. The main drawback to Stickies is that it doesn’t support floating notes in full-screen mode, so the notes will vanish when you do. Stickies is accessible from the Mac apps folder and can be used right away.

2. Simple Antnotes

Simple Antnotes

A menu bar app is called Simple Antnotes. Notes can float over all windows using the “Pin note to desktop” feature.
Additionally, users have the option to make their sticky notes transparent if they so choose. You can alter the background colour of your notes as well as the font and text color if necessary. The “Services” of macOS are connected with Simple Antnotes. Right-click on any selected text in any application to use the integration. To make a new sticky note with the selected text, choose “Services” from the context menu and then “Add to Simple Antnotes.”

Drag text and files to the Simple Antnotes menu bar or “Dock” icon to start a new note. The only drawback to Simple Antnotes is that it cannot be used in full-screen mode. It is cost-free and accessible via the Mac App Store. A commercial version of the software called Antnotes, which costs $2.99, adds further capabilities like the ability to attach notes to other applications so they will be shown when the app is opened.

3. Quick Note

Quick Note

With a single click or a keyboard shortcut, Quick Note is a sticky note program for Mac.
Quick Note notes have the ability to float above all other apps so they are always visible on the screen. Stickies and Simple Antnotes do not support full-screen mode, which is one of Quick Note’s best features.

Shortcuts are supported by Quick Note. For instance, you can designate a keyboard shortcut to open the menu bar or make a new note. Additionally, dark mode is supported. Take four sticky notes with Quick Note’s free edition. You will need to upgrade to Pro for $7.99 if you wish to take more notes.

4. Ghostnote


Another program that can be quickly accessed from the menu bar is Ghostnote, where you may begin taking notes.
The Note Browser and Script Editor are two of the app’s standout features. By enabling the opportunity to examine all notes from a single central perspective, Note Browser makes organizing the notes simpler. You may search and update notes from a single view or use the keyboard to browse your notes. You are able to create your own document detection routines using the Script Editor.

Ghostnote supports seven themes, one of which is dark. The notes vanished when we navigated to another window, which is the only drawback we encountered during our usage. Although Ghostnote is a fully-priced program, the developer provides a 14-day free trial. For one Mac, the one-time subscription fee is $11.79

5. Unclutter


Unclutter can also be used as a sticky note app, while not being one at its core. Three functions—taking notes, managing a clipboard, and managing files—are combined in Unclutter. If you want to use it as a standalone Notes app, you can disable the other two tools.
When you position your cursor at the top of the screen and slide downward, the Unclutter window appears. Drag the Unclutter note panel outside the window if you wish to use it as a sticky note app, and it will stick on top of the other open windows. The fact that Unclutter is available on all displays is the most intriguing feature. Both full-screen mode and all desktop “Spaces” are supported.

The notes will show up on every display that is linked to your Mac if you have connected external displays. A “Quick search” function in Unclutter makes it easy to locate notes by keyword or entire text. To keep your Unclutter notes synced across all of your Macs, you may store them in a cloud storage service like OneDrive or Dropbox. The cost of the paid app Unclutter is $19.99. However, the business provides a seven-day free trial.

6. Mini Note

Mini Note
Another sticky note app that may be opened from the menu bar is MiniNote. It provides users a wealth of functions and has a stylish user interface that looks like a wooden notebook. MiniNote can be opened quickly by using a hotkey on the keyboard. A hotkey is also available to open a new note immediately.

You can use features like anchor sticky notes, starred sticky notes, and floating sticky notes. For as little as Rs. 80, you can obtain support for cloud syncing on Mac, iPhones, and iPads.

Frequently Asked Questions

On my Mac, how can I instal sticky notes?

Stickies, a sticky note app, is included with a MacBook. Launch Stickies using Spotlight Search to make your first sticky note, which will remain on your desktop until you decide to delete it.

Do Macs support Microsoft sticky notes?

With the help of the Outlook platform, Microsoft has made its Sticky Notes software available on iOS and MacBooks. However, you can accomplish the same thing with the built-in Stickies program on macOS.

On a Mac, where are the Stickies kept?

On a Mac, the stickies are kept in the Home folder. Open “Finder” on your Mac, then click “Go” in the menu bar to find stickies. Pick “Home” from the available options. All of your stickies are saved as.txt files in the home folder once you get there.

How can I disable the file manager and clipboard in Unclutter?

Select “Preferences” by tapping the “Unclutter” app icon in the menu bar. You will initially be in the “General” tab. Go to the “Panels” menu after that. To disable the “Clipboard” and “Files” tabs, uncheck the boxes next to them.
How can you make a Stickies note float over all other apps?

On your Mac, a Stickies note can be configured to always float on top of all active applications. On your Mac, launch the Stickies programme and choose an existing note or write a new one. From the menu bar, select “Window,” then select “Float on Top.” Alternately, you can use the Mac keyboard’s Option + Command + F keys.


For short notes you can always refer to, Sticky Notes are useful for both professionals and students. For this, macOS provides its own Stickies programme. Third-party programmes with extensive features and functionality are accessible, though, if it’s too crucial for you. While some of them are free, some need payment. You can select one based on your needs and financial situation. If you use any of the apps on the aforementioned list, please let us know in the comments. If not, please let us know why you prefer a different app.


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