Best Free IP Stresser to Use in 2023

Stress testing the server is one of the tasks that is highly advised when setting up a web server. In this article we read about Best Free IP Stresser to Use in 2023 .You must test the capabilities of your server in order to keep it strong enough to manage loads and deliver the best, and an IP Stresser is what you employ for this. There are a tonne of IP stressers available, both for free and for money. However, you’ll find that the most of them are insufficient for your testing, which is why this post will detail the top seven IP stressers you may employ in addition to some other information you should be aware of.

What are IP Stressers used for?

IP Stressers are tools designed primarily for stress testing web servers to see how resilient they are. Using this tool can help you determine whether the bandwidth, CPU, and other resources you are currently using are adequate to handle the increased workload. These services can be set up without any technical knowledge because they are rather simple to set up, and the process simply costs money.

Additionally, these stressers can be used to launch a DDoS attack against a server, which may or may not be against the law. So, here are some choices you may utilise if you want to use an IP stressed for your web services or API.

Best Free IP Stresser in 2023

When choosing the IP stresser you want to employ with your web server, one must exercise caution because numerous attackers can use it against them. You can use a number of services that we’ve carefully selected without worrying about a server assault. Here they are:

1.  Instant Stresser

Instant Stresser

Instant Stresser is one of the most popular IP stresses available. IP Stresser provides dependable and expert stress testing for businesses of all sizes. Due to the availability of free plans, their service is among the most effective among IP stressers. The Instant Stresser is designed to be simple and quick to use. Since they don’t maintain any of your logs, this IP Stresser is also incredibly reliable and secure to use. IP spoofing is used to send attacks, rendering them untraceable. You can utilise their paid plan, which is rather affordable given the capabilities it provides. The free plan includes the features listed below.

Key characteristics:

  • Very stable in use.
  • Unreachable assaults.
  • 1000 Gbps of attack capacity.

2. FreeStresser

Free Stresser

You can stress test your server with FreeStresser, an intuitive IP stresser, to make sure it is secure against network intrusions. You only need to enter your server’s IP address and click Launch Stress Test to use this service. One of the features that sets FreeStresser apart from other free IP stressers is the lack of a registration requirement to access it. This IP stresser is for you if you don’t want to go through the registration process.

Key Feature

  • Easy to use.
  • There is no need to register.
  • can undergo as many as 15 IP stress tests each day.
  • appropriate for UDP deluge
  • 1 GBps speed.


3. IP Stresser

IP stresser

IPStresser is a complimentary alternative to IP Stresser. Since their service has been in operation for more than 7 years, it has consistently demonstrated that it is reliable and secure. In addition to a paid subscription that starts at $5, IPStresser also provides a free option. You can launch attacks at up to 200 Mbps for a duration of 300 seconds when utilising the free plan. This is the greatest free IP stresser you can find to use to test your network.

Key Features :

  • offers a free plan.
  • Attack speed of 200 Mbps for 300 seconds.
  • possesses layer 4 scripts as well as layer 7 scripts.


4. Stresser.AI

Stresser AI

Stresser. Any server, IP address, and website can be stressed tested using AI’s IP stressing service. Additionally, no account needs to be created in order to use this tool. Stesser. AI has the capacity to get beyond many DDoS defences, including cloudflare, DDoS guard, and others. To begin utilising it, all you need to do is go to the website and submit the necessary information. Additionally, the IP stresser may be used to layer 4 and layer 7 attacks and is highly customizable.

Key Features

  • Account opening is not necessary.
  • Up to 50 attacks can be made with it each day.
  • 300 seconds of maximal attack speed at 1Gbps.

NOTE – Currently Websites is Block By FBI

5. StressThem

Stress Them

StressThem is the ideal IP stresser for you if you wish to heavily load a server to evaluate whether your website is secured against DDoS attacks. On any website, you can use this tool for nothing and with confidence. In contrast to conventional IP stresses, StressThem uses a novel system to improve server testing. This utility works with web servers like Cloudflare and has a capacity of up to 100 Gbps. It offers both free and paid programmes, the cheapest of which is $15.

Key Features

  • Maximum bandwidth of 100Gbps.
  • Very reasonable
  • Endless daily assaults

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best booting site?

You can use a variety of effective booting websites, however Freebooter is one of them. For more features, Freebooter provides both free and premium booting services. Additionally, this instrument is incredibly durable and reliable.

Are IP Stressers illegal?

IP stressers are tools used to test either lawful or unauthorised web servers. It is prohibited to use it to test a web application. However, utilising this service against other people’s servers is unlawful in some nations.

What is IP booting?

By forcing more traffic toward a web server, IP booting is a type of Denial of Service (DoS) used to test its capability. Many of the services that provide this job have been covered in this article, but there are many others.


Any of the free IP stressers mentioned in this article can be used to start a stress test on any web server. The suggested IP stressors are very accessible, secure, and highly practical. However, there are still several effective IP stressers available, and LoadNinja, a robust and cloud-based testing platform, is one of them.


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